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Never Let You Fall

“I can’t shut down. How can I stop thinking… about us, and how our marriage is crumbling?” Shuffling a few paces closer to the water, I allowed it to lick at my toes. I loved this beach, but this morning even the soothing rush of waves and dawn calls of the gulls did nothing to relieve the all-consuming ache in my heart. “I understand.” He emitted a heavy sigh. “This […]

Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1)

  With the car engine off, I heard a rhythmic sound, too widely spaced for hammering and not the right tone. Wood-chopping.   The side of the house was as spare as the front. But the back was something totally different. This—I thought with a glance that took in double glass doors to a wood-slatted patio, picnic table, grill and a sort of log jungle gym—is where somebody lived. My […]

Love, Rock and Crime

:: Bang! (part II) The police officers saw Rose hang up the phone. He set down his whiskey glass, got up from the leather armchair and approached his accountant, threatening him about “the 100,000 lost in transport”. The more the employee defended himself, the louder his boss became. He staggered to the aquarium, opened the cupboard beside it, in which a safe was concealed, pulled out a Colt and pointed […]

Charlene the Star

Thoughts from Charlene the Star: I should change the subject. Ann and Blossom are talking about racing. I’m not even sure I’ll like it. Everyone has different gifts, but I don’t know what mine is. That’s kind of scary.  I wonder how you are trained to jump. Does that mean you can win prizes for jumping up and down? I liked jumping up and down during my tantrum. I’ve heard […]

My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses

“Have you ever really wanted to do something but you came across a roadblock of some kind? Maybe you’re afraid of new things or maybe you have a physical challenge. Are you going to follow your dream or are you going to push it aside without really trying? ”

Forgiveness, The Hamilton Series, Book 2

“Sure, Aiden drifted off too, but we’re his friends. Actually we’re more like his family, and we knew he’d be back eventually. That’s the thing, you’ll wait for those people who mean the most.” Emily almost laughed out loud at his not so subtle dig. “Is that my little lecture about how he’ll be waiting for me?” Ryan acted like the class clown of the group, but underneath, she’d always […]

Dead Certain

DAY ONE TUESDAY Ella Broden I have news!!! For someone who fancies herself a writer, Charlotte’s texts are extremely heavy on exclamation points. I text back, wat—no question mark. My sister and I have used this shorthand since texting began, even though it’s actually more difficult because my phone autocorrects to what, and then I have to manually change it back. No! In person! Tom’s! That it’s the middle of […]

Love, Rock and Crime

October 2005  (part i) The two Johns, Little John and Gorgeous John, had been staking out Rose for a day. They had set up audio-visual surveillance in an apartment across the courtyard, just a few metres away from the business man’s office in the same building, which had large uncovered windows offering an excellent view. The labyrinthine office complex in the west of Athens had once been busy, but today, […]

Break In The Wind

Winda clutched the heavy sacks slung over her shoulders as she headed toward a thicket.  Purple vetch, windflower, and columbine waved their colourful heads in the light breeze.  She hummed a cheerful tone as she walked across a flat meadow in a light rain. She wanted to head north and try to find her own people, but she feared the Cree were too far away.  Just two days ago, she […]