A Daughter’s Rage


“Oh, that’s really sad. He’s a sick man,” she said referring to the midnight rapist the anchorman was reporting about on the six o’clock news. “And just when you think you know a person. Are you going to help me or not?”
“Are you serious? Do I look like a killer to you? And hey that thing cost me fifteen hundred bucks!”
The shock from the girl’s abrupt appearance and her homicidal request caused me to flinch, which sent my laptop hurling through the air and crash landing to the floor. Before the beat up kid showed up, I was relaxing, watching the news and chatting with a dear friend via the internet…..


Specialist Ayden Tanner is dispatched by a covert division of the global hacker group, Anonymous, to find the pope who is missing. A frantic search begins in Italy and beyond it[...]


The backpack is proudly made in the USA. It is constructed of tough navy-blue canvas to stand up to the Minnesota ice and snow. It’s the kind of bag you can take with you wherev[...]


Sylvie turned the plastic bag of flesh over and over in her hands, unable to believe what she was seeing. From every angle, the truth assaulted her. The broken bones bore human too[...]