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1.37AM I’m crying when I should be sleeping And I’m not even sure of what’s wrong, But sadness whispers it’s cruelest lies When I’m alone in the dark for too long. The blackness is filled with aching And misery heavier than air, Velvet blankets of darkness enfold me As I drown in the waves of despair. I wish that my mind would stop churning, Let my body and soul find […]


The Sea. Grey clouds glower; A salty breeze bites my face. The ocean whips into white points, Hungrily reaching for something to devour. I dare not let myself go near it today. Instead, I sit by the old anchor Nestled in the first tufts of grass At the top of the beach. It’s cold and uncaring, Impersonal, and no company at all, But it gives me some sense of security. […]