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The Callien Sword

Mr and Mrs Makantas were sitting quietly on multicoloured winged back armchairs by the roaring fire, Mr Makantas smoking a rather large U-shaped pipe and drinking Berry Beer, and Mrs Makantas carefully unpicking the seams of a coat. Bo directed her question at Wade’s mum. “May I come in?” she asked nervously. “Certainly, my dear! Come—sit by me and warm your bones.” Mr Makantas didn’t look up from his beer. […]

Big Red excerpt: Alone in the jungle!

The Jungle ride As we head back to the resort, my guide asks if I want to ride Mumbai back to home base. I assume he means for me sit behind him on the elephant’s neck. Although this isn’t on my bucket list of things to do before I die, being in the moment, I respond with a yes. I realize my guide is making no attempt to join me. […]