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Never Let You Fall

“I can’t shut down. How can I stop thinking… about us, and how our marriage is crumbling?” Shuffling a few paces closer to the water, I allowed it to lick at my toes. I loved this beach, but this morning even the soothing rush of waves and dawn calls of the gulls did nothing to relieve the all-consuming ache in my heart. “I understand.” He emitted a heavy sigh. “This […]

Charlene the Star

Thoughts from Charlene the Star: I should change the subject. Ann and Blossom are talking about racing. I’m not even sure I’ll like it. Everyone has different gifts, but I don’t know what mine is. That’s kind of scary.  I wonder how you are trained to jump. Does that mean you can win prizes for jumping up and down? I liked jumping up and down during my tantrum. I’ve heard […]

Break In The Wind

Winda clutched the heavy sacks slung over her shoulders as she headed toward a thicket.  Purple vetch, windflower, and columbine waved their colourful heads in the light breeze.  She hummed a cheerful tone as she walked across a flat meadow in a light rain. She wanted to head north and try to find her own people, but she feared the Cree were too far away.  Just two days ago, she […]

Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 1

“So, new girlfriend?” The familiar voice came from directly behind him. “She’s certainly beautiful, but does she have what it takes to hold on to Dr. Aiden Hamilton. I wonder.” He turned, taking in the willowy blond, and had to admit she looked gorgeous as always. The sad fact was, no matter how hard he tried, he’d never been able to reclaim that piece of his heart she’d stolen all […]

If Not For My Friends

“I just couldn’t…be there. His stuff is everywhere. His shoes are right where he left them. There are clothes strewn on the chair where he threw them five minutes before the heart attack. His beard hairs are still on the sink. That used to drive me crazy, but now…now I can’t imagine cleaning that sink. I know some people find comfort in the smells or the sights of the stuff…but…not […]

Desert Shadows

“Its shrieks marked the air as it let out a foul cry in the distance, letting me know that it was the beast I feared.”