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Snippet from Revenant of Silverthran

“The attention shifted away from Micah and she was thankful for the respite. Her mind was whirling, trying to process all the new information.  Her father – a key person in a former war?  Her mother probably one as well? Was her and Katyde’s kidnapping a premeditated plan if Dalefic could not convince her parents to join him?  What kind of warped and twisted mind did this man have to […]

Blood Dragons - Award-winning Fantasy Novel

 MAY 1964            BRIGHTON, ENGLAND ‘By heaven, look at these ruffianly roaring boys. This is it – your tonic – to get back into the fray. The blood and heat of it.’ I’d nicked a bright red Jaguar E-Type (beautiful little number), and we’d tonned it up to the coast for Whitsun Bank Holiday. Yet now we’d found ourselves caught in a war between two gangs. A Mod in smart Italian […]

The Origin of the Vuduri

The story of how the Vuduri came to pass has been a secret up until now. We do know that Jack Henry took his stand in the Year 2660AD and Rei Bierak did not awaken until 3455AD, just about 800 years later. So what happened during the eight centuries between those two events? At the time of the Ark Lords arrival, mankind was spread thin across all continents including the […]

Mars: Genesis 2.0 (SF short story)

This is not the only end of days scenario from my Mindscapes short story collection, but unlike the far darker “End of Days” short story where more than merely our world hang in the balance, my “Mars: Genesis 2.0” short story offers a more optimistic view if there can be such a thing when facing Armageddon. A previously undiscovered 200-mile-wide asteroid is heading for Earth and will hit in 666 […]

Branna's Song: The Coldwood Saga

Every muscle groaned as Branna pried herself out of the alcove, protesting the sudden work they were asked to do after too many hours of being confined. Her feet were on fire with the pinprick sensation of sleeping limbs, and when she tried to walk on them, she promptly came face-to-face with the ravine’s floor. As she lay sprawled out on the ground, her eyes fell upon the body of […]

End of Days (SF Short Story)

Unfortunately, scientists are not the only ones who like to play God. They are just more tragic and contemptible in their efforts at doing so because they should know better. They are like amoebas attempting to extrapolate the secrets of the universe by examining in minutest detail the drop of fetid swamp water atop a floating leaf that they inhabit. In a very real sense, scientists are among the smartest […]

Twiggles Bound - Love knows no bounds when a hero takes charge

The Notoriously Evil Dr. Knarf High up on the Throttlewood Forest Mountains was, Castle Vox, where everything was so evil and dark, not even the radiation from the nuclear explosion could engulf it. The evil mastermind Dr. Knarf snarled and snickered, then laughed nonchalantly. “I have done it! Nobody can stop me now!” he declared to his mutt Groof; a Rottweiler, who seemed to have a very nasty attitude and […]

The Riddle of the Sphinx: Solved! (SF Short Story)

The midday sun blazed in blinding glory directly over the Great Sphinx of Giza as Dr. Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptologist whose love of Egyptian antiquity seems rivaled only by his love of the camera, faced the score of reporters with his well worn Indiana Jones hat and best cat-who-swallowed-the-canary-smile. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. This is a great day for Egypt and the world,” he began with an enthusiastic smile […]

The Day the Dolphins Vanished -- Science Fiction Short Story

The Day the Dolphins Vanished – SF Short Story Preview THE DAY THE DOLPHINS VANISHED (C) 2010,2017 Victor D. López The following story excerpt is from my short story collection   Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories Beatrice Benson, BB to her colleagues and friends, would be at home in any exclusive beach resort anywhere in the world tanning her perfect body while her long, lustrous light-brown […]

Eternal Quest (a speculative fiction short story)

He took a moment to take it all in and, for an instant, was transported back to his college days.  He could almost hear Professor Greenberg reading from Blake’s Songs of Innocence. Behind him, he knew, were the Songs of Experience–the decay, death, and disappointment of real life, of unfulfilled dreams that are the inevitable legacy of childhood’s end. But if he did not turn around, he could almost deny […]