Forgiveness, The Hamilton Series, Book 2


“Sure, Aiden drifted off too, but we’re his friends. Actually we’re more like his family, and we knew he’d be back eventually. That’s the thing, you’ll wait for those people who mean the most.”

Emily almost laughed out loud at his not so subtle dig. “Is that my little lecture about how he’ll be waiting for me?” Ryan acted like the class clown of the group, but underneath, she’d always believed he was much deeper emotionally than he ever let on.

“Huh, I could have sworn it was his hotel room you were sneaking out of. Does he need to be waiting for you? Maybe so, as I’m getting the distinct impression you didn’t say good-bye.” Ryan raised a brow. “After I did all that work blocking Tiffany for you last night, and you’re throwing it all away?”

The heat rose in her cheeks as she flushed in embarrassment, letting her hair fall in a curtain across her face. “I’d bet it’s not the first time you played wingman so he could have his fun.”

“That sounds a touch harsh, considering where you spent the night.” A grin crept across his face. “And I was actually your wingman, not his.”

“Mine?” She peeked up at him.

“Sure, I got rid of the pesky ex-wife for you.” He waved a hand as she opened her mouth to object. “I’m not judging. I’ve been known to commit a little of my own bad behavior, as have we all, but take it easy on the guy. He acts the part of the rich, spoiled playboy at times, but that’s all it is, an act. Last night, as the best man he was the host of that party and he played his expected role. I figured you’d know that by now.”

“Right, and next you’ll be saying it was okay for him to let every woman in the place put their hands all over him, and that I imagined him kissing Tiffany.”

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