Inside The Dark Underbelly of Rikers Island “A Retired Female Correction Officer Speaks Out”


Before you begin reading this book, I want to emphatically state that this book does not reflect every city and state correction officer and superior officers, just a small minority. However, it is that small minority in the city and state correction department, that is giving the correction officers overall a terrible reputation.
I did not work with every correction officer or work in every jail. It is important to me that I address that. The damaging truths I do reveal are significant , and the American public needs to know. I do name names, real names: Ex-Commissioner Bernard Kerik , my relationship with Chief of Corrections Eric M Taylor, Warden’s. Correction Officers, NYS Greenhaven Correctional Facility’s Superintendent Griffin, Deputy Superintendent Collado, Captain Daniel Cary and many more.
There is a war being waged here in New York City and people are dying at the hands of the police of the streets and the police of the jails. If things do not change in the prison system with the major outbreak of prison abuse by New York City and State Correction Officers, it’s only a matter of time before the prison inmates start fighting back in the form of riots. The prisons here in New York City and New York State will be taken over by inmates.
There are too many unjustifiable deaths and injuries going unreported or cover-ups by the correction department, and Albany is doing nothing about it. Some New York State Correction Officers in Greenhaven Correctional Facility are worse than the Correction Officers on Rikers Island that I worked with. While I hear that state prison abuse is rampant , I can only vouch for Greenhaven Correctional Facility because they beat my nephew to a pulp in 2014.
No one is focusing on the state prisons, but it’s about time they do. The same thing that is going on in Rikers Island is going on in the upstate prisons, only worse. There is no watch dog penalizing the corrupt correction officers. They are given stripes and being rewarded for “dismantling” an inmate. This has to stop.
The Correction Officers I worked with made my life a living hell. If they treat one of their own like crap, imagine what they will do to you.
I started this job fresh out of high school. I was able to function and relate because I grew up in the Brownsville Housing projects in Brooklyn, and many of the faces of the prisoners I saw in jail, were recognizable and their behavior, I could identify with.
Jail is not corporate America, even though corporate America has its financial business hands in it. Jail is an ugly, negative environment that is holding people rightfully or wrongfully against their will. It is an art to deal with a black person, who is highly intelligent, and also commits criminal acts. The reason I say black person is because , corporate America has made a business out of jailing young black men.
People’s rights are violated everyday, I know that personally because my nephew Delamar Brown was almost killed by the guards in New York State Greenhaven Correctional facility, for no reason other than I think is me writing this book. I would like to see them charged with attempted murder.
I will show throughout the book how my generation of correction officers in the 80’s constructed the blueprint for demise of the correction department today.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I do offer glimmers of hope for a brighter future within the New York City and New York State prison system. Welcome to an unimaginable but very real “dark world”