Inside the Dark Underbelly of Rikers Island ” A Retired Female Correction Officer Speaks Out “



If you have never been to prison, you have no idea what to expect or what you are up against. I have seen many first timers terrified and in shock. They figure they do not belong there and many of the prisoners do. Therefore, they turn their noses up, sit as far away as possible from the other prisoners because they do not want to give the wrong impression. Guess what, you are just like everyone in jail and the other prisoners will resent your high-cidity-ness and teach you a jail lesson you will never forget.
You will probably be beaten and robbed by the other prisoners, while the officers ignore your pleas for help. They too shun people who think they are better than anyone else. Yes its your first time and you feel like you do not belong there. However you better assess, adjust and adapt to your surroundings or you are creating a toxic environment for your well being.
This chapter is important because the average person, who plays by the rules, does everything right, does not bother anyone, lives a clean drama free life, can wind up behind bars, in a blink of an eye. I know you are reading the title of this chapter and thinking there is no way you are going to jail. You will never be a prisoner. You do not commit crimes, not a criminal or hang out with undesirables. Therefore, you could never go to jail. You are ready to skip to the next chapter. That is where you are dead wrong and need to pay close attention. I will take you systematically into what your fate will look like. if you or your family member are arrested.
*Remember that ticket you got for running a red light. You know the moving violation ticket the cop gave you, that’s, sitting in your pocket book. You know the one they keep sending you from the parking violation bureau and you were adamant you were not going to pay. Guess what? Your license has probably been suspended because you were too stubborn or lazy to pay the ticket. Now, the police just pulled you over for that broken tail light, or an illegal u turn you just took. Well sweetie pie, you are going to jail.
Yes, this might be minor, but you will spend at least 2-3 days with Correction Officers and prisoners. Everybody goes through the jail system and to let the courts figure it out.
You will go from central booking to the court bullpens. Bullpens is slang for the large cells they cram every prisoners into. Guess who runs the bullpens in New York City. My wonderful, darling colleagues, the Correction Officers from the New York City Department of Correction”. Yes, you will be under the “Care, custody and control “of Correction Officers. Depending upon which one of my colleagues that are working, during each shift will determine what type of demeanor and treatment you get. Whatever you do, do not get on their bad side because they will tamper with your paperwork and it will take forever for you to go in