Love, Rock and Crime


:: Bang! (part II)

The police officers saw Rose hang up the phone. He set down his whiskey glass, got up from the leather armchair and approached his accountant, threatening him about “the 100,000 lost in transport”. The more the employee defended himself, the louder his boss became. He staggered to the aquarium, opened the cupboard beside it, in which a safe was concealed, pulled out a Colt and pointed it between his accountant’s eyes. Spitting with fury, he grabbed him by the tie with his free hand and clicked off the safety. While the employee was trying to avoid the gun and his boss was struggling to stay on target, the muzzle of the Colt moved and BANG, it went off in Rose’s temple. The accountant let go of his arm and Rose fell down, dead. The Colt dropped from his hand and landed nearby. Blood pooled around his head, delineating death.

The accountant hesitated for a moment. He walked to the dead man’s personal washroom, washed his face, wiped the blood drops off his shoes, removed his shirt and returned to the office. He took a clean shirt from his wardrobe and put it on, wrapping his own in a sheet of newspaper. For a while he stood in the office, biting his nails and looking around. His gaze fell on a green tennis bag. He unhooked it from the coat rack, dumped out the contents in the wardrobe and started filling it with cash from the safe. “Let’s go,” ordered Savvas.

Dead Certain

DAY ONE TUESDAY Ella Broden I have news!!! For someone who fancies herself a writer, Charlotte’s texts are extremely heavy on exclamation points. I text back, wat—no question mark.[...]


Fish snuck another look at his watch. It was now a few clicks the other side of two o’clock in the morning. And not only was he one tired little puppy, he was also so full he cou[...]