Love, Rock and Crime


October 2005  (part i)

The two Johns, Little John and Gorgeous John, had been staking out Rose for a day. They had set up audio-visual surveillance in an apartment across the courtyard, just a few metres away from the business man’s office in the same building, which had large uncovered windows offering an excellent view. The labyrinthine office complex in the west of Athens had once been busy, but today, in 2005, it stood only half full. The two police officers observed the suspect through the blinds and recorded his calls. Rose was indulging in a marathon of telephone calls while steadily drinking. In the beginning, they tried to decipher his words, believing he was speaking in code, taking down suspicious phrases like: tall-broad, short-broad, skinny-broad, spare-broad… At his constant repetition of “booty-count” they suspected they would return to their chief empty handed.

It was afternoon. Rose’s employees were done for the day and the Johns were tired of his incessant telephone calls. They were melting in the unseasonable, for October, heat. The stale donuts and sweet soft drinks had upset their stomachs and they were yearning for a greasy hamburger. Just as they were about to leave, Savvas Kallinis appeared. The Chief’s pet had likely been sent to check up on them.

Kallinis viewed these officers as a necessary evil, the kind that cannot be avoided in any job. Savvas knew he wasn’t liked. “Little” (read short) John despised him because he was 1.90m tall and people called him Stretch, while “Gorgeous” (actually ugly) John hated him because women found him attractive. There were other reasons they disliked Kallinis, the main one being that he was in charge of a Homicide unit, despite being quite young. And as if it weren’t enough that he was the chief’s favourite, he’d recently hit the jackpot in the lottery and purchased a BMW 1200 Adventure.

Stretch entered in his customary domineering manner, cutting short their pleasantries. “Guys, get to the point,” he said sternly.

The point was that although Rose was speaking slang, he was boasting about his sexual prowess. The two Johns had heard it all and tried to show off. Savvas interrupted them, pointing at the man who had just entered the office.

“That’s Rose’s accountant,” said Gorgeous.


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Love, Rock and Crime

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