Mystery of White Horse Lake


I stood silently at the window, watching and waiting.

After everyone else had gone to bed, I kept watch over the still waters of the lake, as I had every night this entire year. I worried about the small children upstairs snug in their beds, mindless of the danger. I knew he would come. I had been forewarned by the Sidhe, the fairies who called these mountains their home, that they had summoned their emissary of death. He appeared every seven years without fail. This year marked seven years since his last appearance and the horror left in his wake. But when would he come and who was he coming for?

It was on this moonlit night in early winter when the phantom white stallion arose from the dark waters of Pola Capall Lake.  Shaking the water from his long, flowing mane, he cast his eyes upward towards the castle and stared with blazing eyes at the window where I stood.  Raising his foreleg at the water’s edge, he pawed the earth three times. Then, rearing up on his hind legs, the majestic beast turned and raced across the mirror-like waters of the lake.  His message was clear. Death would come to claim another soul within three days.