Never Let You Fall


“I can’t shut down. How can I stop thinking… about us, and how our marriage is crumbling?” Shuffling a few paces closer to the water, I allowed it to lick at my toes. I loved this beach, but this morning even the soothing rush of waves and dawn calls of the gulls did nothing to relieve the all-consuming ache in my heart.
“I understand.” He emitted a heavy sigh. “This should’ve been one of those amazing summers. Our group is together again, and I’d hoped we’d start new traditions and put the past behind us. But here we are, me sidelined and you in limbo.”
“Limbo.” For a moment, I considered his comment. “Yeah, that feels about right. Whenever I want to talk to Joel, he clams up or disappears out the door. It makes me furious, and at times I can’t stand to even look at him. And what he did to you! How will you ever forgive him?” Meeting his dark eyes, I sniffled. “He almost took you from us, and I’m not sure I can forgive him for that, either.”
“I wish I had answers.” Aiden swept a hand through his dark hair before reaching for mine. “He put the three of us in serious danger that day. The past few weeks he’s been a ghost, and barely acknowledges my existence. There’s only one thing I’m sure of—he needs help. But, he has to want it, and right now, he doesn’t.”

Break In The Wind

Winda clutched the heavy sacks slung over her shoulders as she headed toward a thicket.  Purple vetch, windflower, and columbine waved their colourful heads in the light breeze.  S[...]

Desert Shadows

"Its shrieks marked the air as it let out a foul cry in the distance, letting me know that it was the beast I feared."