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1.37AM I’m crying when I should be sleeping And I’m not even sure of what’s wrong, But sadness whispers it’s cruelest lies When I’m alone in the dark for too long. The blackness is filled with aching And misery heavier than air, Velvet blankets of darkness enfold me As I drown in the waves of despair. I wish that my mind would stop churning, Let my body and soul find […]

Snippet from Revenant of Silverthran

“The attention shifted away from Micah and she was thankful for the respite. Her mind was whirling, trying to process all the new information.  Her father – a key person in a former war?  Her mother probably one as well? Was her and Katyde’s kidnapping a premeditated plan if Dalefic could not convince her parents to join him?  What kind of warped and twisted mind did this man have to […]


Specialist Ayden Tanner is dispatched by a covert division of the global hacker group, Anonymous, to find the pope who is missing. A frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know more than they are telling.


The backpack is proudly made in the USA. It is constructed of tough navy-blue canvas to stand up to the Minnesota ice and snow. It’s the kind of bag you can take with you wherever you go: to college, the office, or into the wilderness. In an outdoors-loving city like Duluth, hundreds of people carry the same backpack. From the outside, this backpack looks like all the others. From the […]

Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 1

“So, new girlfriend?” The familiar voice came from directly behind him. “She’s certainly beautiful, but does she have what it takes to hold on to Dr. Aiden Hamilton. I wonder.” He turned, taking in the willowy blond, and had to admit she looked gorgeous as always. The sad fact was, no matter how hard he tried, he’d never been able to reclaim that piece of his heart she’d stolen all […]

The Callien Sword

Mr and Mrs Makantas were sitting quietly on multicoloured winged back armchairs by the roaring fire, Mr Makantas smoking a rather large U-shaped pipe and drinking Berry Beer, and Mrs Makantas carefully unpicking the seams of a coat. Bo directed her question at Wade’s mum. “May I come in?” she asked nervously. “Certainly, my dear! Come—sit by me and warm your bones.” Mr Makantas didn’t look up from his beer. […]

Injury & Ecstasy

“Oh my God. You are so handsome. A real officer and a gentleman,” Maggie said as she came forward to rest her hands on his chest. With their eyes level, one side of Nick’s mouth turned up in a smile. “I like these shoes. Perhaps gentleman is too nice of a word. Because right now, I’m not thinking anything gentle.”

Big Red: How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase

The long-awaited Elephant Safari Ride! I have a dramatic vision of the elephant scooping me up with its trunk and deftly placing me on its back, just like in the circus. Instead I step onto the platform with the help of my mahout, or elephant driver. He tells me her name is Mumbai as I cautiously step into the basket. He situates me close to the elephant’s head, straddling her with my legs, […]


The Sea. Grey clouds glower; A salty breeze bites my face. The ocean whips into white points, Hungrily reaching for something to devour. I dare not let myself go near it today. Instead, I sit by the old anchor Nestled in the first tufts of grass At the top of the beach. It’s cold and uncaring, Impersonal, and no company at all, But it gives me some sense of security. […]