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Broken & Beloved

Taking a step closer, Matt refused to let her ignore the way she had melted against him moments ago. He placed one hand on her waist and watched her lips part as she pulled in a shallow breath. “Don’t tell me you don’t feel that, Sara. I’m over here trying to show you every well-bred manner I have, and all I can think about is how badly I need to […]

Blood Dragons - Award-winning Fantasy Novel

 MAY 1964            BRIGHTON, ENGLAND ‘By heaven, look at these ruffianly roaring boys. This is it – your tonic – to get back into the fray. The blood and heat of it.’ I’d nicked a bright red Jaguar E-Type (beautiful little number), and we’d tonned it up to the coast for Whitsun Bank Holiday. Yet now we’d found ourselves caught in a war between two gangs. A Mod in smart Italian […]

The Origin of the Vuduri

The story of how the Vuduri came to pass has been a secret up until now. We do know that Jack Henry took his stand in the Year 2660AD and Rei Bierak did not awaken until 3455AD, just about 800 years later. So what happened during the eight centuries between those two events? At the time of the Ark Lords arrival, mankind was spread thin across all continents including the […]

Mars: Genesis 2.0 (SF short story)

This is not the only end of days scenario from my Mindscapes short story collection, but unlike the far darker “End of Days” short story where more than merely our world hang in the balance, my “Mars: Genesis 2.0” short story offers a more optimistic view if there can be such a thing when facing Armageddon. A previously undiscovered 200-mile-wide asteroid is heading for Earth and will hit in 666 […]

Better by far

You don’t have to like all of life’s situations,     but, if you see them as the gifts that they really are, things just seem to work out better, – by far.

Let Me Be Your First

He pulled on my top, unsure if he was going to drag it out of the waistband of my jeans. He played with it, tackling the thought process of what would be considered too much too soon but went with just enough at the right time. He twisted one side free and let his hand wander the bare skin of my waist, circling his fingers and teasing my resolve.

Simply Scarlet

Simply Scarlet By Sai Marie Johnson and Blushing Books Publications “Oh, do you fear my decision making skills are lacking, Camille?” Julien asked with a hint of venom in his tone. Camille cast a passing glance at him before settling it upon Andre. With a coy grin, she addressed him directly, “Andre`, Sir, it is very important to me to keep my own portfolio in the most pristine of conditions. […]

The Softer Side of Texas

The Softer Side of Texas by Sai Marie Johnson and Blushing Books Publications Ivanka lifted her head and glanced at the clock. “It’s about time to feed the horses, don’t ya think? I think I’m going to walk down to the barn and get to work on that,” she said, walking around the table to exit the kitchen. Aaron pushed his chair back and nodded at her. “Mr. Jessup, should […]

Inside The Dark Underbelly of Rikers Island "A Retired Female Correction Officer Speaks Out"

RIKERS “HELLS” ISLAND I worked on Rikers Island for a short period in my career and I can tell you its worst than people could possibly imagine. It was horrible unclean and depressing. I started working on Rikers Island in May 1983 in New York City Correctional Institution for Men. I was 21 years old, enthusiastic and in high spirits. I had a good paying job in law enforcement and […]