Reunited, The Hamilton Series, Book 1


“So, new girlfriend?” The familiar voice came from directly behind him. “Shes certainly beautiful, but does she have what it takes to hold on to Dr. Aiden Hamilton. I wonder.”

He turned, taking in the willowy blond, and had to admit she looked gorgeous as always. The sad fact was, no matter how hard he tried, he’d never been able to reclaim that piece of his heart she’d stolen all those years ago. As much as he wanted to hate her, his soul betrayed him, and even as he reminded himself of the endless pain she’d inflicted, that familiar twinge hit, making him resent how she still affected him.

“How long have you been seeing her?”

“A while, not that its any of your business. I thought wed agreed to stay away from each other?”

“Well, it would be rude not to speak at a dinner party. Youre practically the host, it is your grandmothers house.” She casually sipped her wine. “Emilys a doctor, so more than just a pretty face. You always went for the smart ones.”

“You know me, Tiffany.”

“I certainly do, Aiden. Maybe too well.” Tapping on her glass with perfectly manicured nails, she stared out over the estate. “Youve stopped seeing her, right?”

“Whos that?” He raised his brow, even though he knew perfectly well whom she meant. Part of him wanted to make her squirm, and make her worry hed blow the lid off her seemingly perfect life. Giving her a little payback for her comments might be unworthy and maybe a touch callous, but it was oh-so-tempting.

“You know who. Please tell me youve stopped seeing her.”

“No, and Im not going to either. You lost your right to have any say on who I can or cant see years ago. So butt out.”

“Have you told your family?”

“I havent told anyone, but I cant and won’t turn her away. You know how much it hurt to lose her the first time. Now I have a second chance and I have to take it, or Id regret it.”

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