Simply Scarlet


Simply Scarlet

By Sai Marie Johnson

and Blushing Books Publications

“Oh, do you fear my decision making skills are lacking, Camille?” Julien asked with a hint of venom in his tone.
Camille cast a passing glance at him before settling it upon Andre. With a coy grin, she addressed him directly, “Andre`, Sir, it is very important to me to keep my own portfolio in the most pristine of conditions. If my husband wishes to invest in a sponsorship on my behalf, I believe I have all rights to be present. Unless the need to consult my lawyer is need, in which case, we may need to arrange something a little more formal.” She couldn’t help but smile at the play she had just made, and she felt the arrows shot from Julien’s eyes the instant she addressed his Master. If Jeremiah knew what was going on between the three of them, he probably would have laughed hysterically, but the confidence in Camille’s voice as she took ownership of her own property intrigued him more than her silk scarlet locks. He narrowed his eyes and lifted his right hand to interject his opinion,
“Wait, is Ms. de Clervaux the main owner of De Clervaux Equestrian?” he asked.
Andre looked back at him and waved a hand in Julien’s direction. “Jules, you’re a right asshole nearly always. Your wife…” He emphasized the word with a grin not unlike the Cheshire cat’s. “Deserves to be present, and I don’t care to waste my time fidgeting over an office table to discuss the politics of this measure. I just want to pay to bring up Mr. St. Clair as a fighter so we can bank on his winning record. Capisce?”
Jeremiah’s eyes flashed from Jules to Camille and back to Andre again.
“Oh, bah, fine, Camille, have a seat, doll.” Julien mocked her, even as he motioned to the only remaining seat in the tent. He lifted his glass of scotch and knocked it back quickly as he looked back to Jeremiah. “Mr. St. Clair, your cousin is a close friend and business associate of ours. In addition to this, I have been present at a few of your fights, and I’ve seen you at the Fetish night events at the Esmeralda Club, often. You have a lovely wife, I might add.”
Jeremiah looked over at Camille and shook his head, at the mention of Andalyn. “My estranged wife is now seeing someone else. If you see me at any other Fet Night events, I’ll likely be sporting a new one of my own. Although, red seems to be in.” He nodded toward Camille with a chuckle. “If you get my drift,” he murmured.
Julien looked over at Andre and waved him on. Andre took the cue and began to speak,
“It seems to me that you’ve got a hell of a winning record, Mr. St. Clair, and that is precisely what I am looking to support. How much money are you looking at?” Andre was tired of the small talk and wanted to get straight to business. Money talked, and he knew how to manipulate it in all ways. It was what made him such a great financier and banker. Andre rarely gambled, and even when he did, the odds were almost always worked to his favor.
Jeremiah opened his mouth to answer but was met with a stone cold interruption from Camille, “We are looking at fifty-thousand–dollars, roughly, to support Mr. St. Clair in his fighting endeavors,” she said. Jeremiah glanced at her and, once again, found his eyes scouring every inch of her delectable body. Though she was petite, he could already envision her sprawled out beneath him, on her back, creamy legs wrapped about his waist, and her mouth parted widely as he drilled himself into her. He shook his head in shock at where his thoughts had shifted to so quickly.
“Um, yeah, about that,” he admitted with a nod. His eyes met with hers and, suddenly, he no longer gave a damn about getting Mister von Beirutt’s approval but rather having her to be his sponsor.

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