Snippet from Revenant of Silverthran


“The attention shifted away from Micah and she was thankful for the respite. Her mind was whirling, trying to process all the new information.  Her father – a key person in a former war?  Her mother probably one as well? Was her and Katyde’s kidnapping a premeditated plan if Dalefic could not convince her parents to join him?  What kind of warped and twisted mind did this man have to kill his former friends and prey on small children? Micah was angry and horrified at the same time. That type of man would come after anyone that had the potential to threaten his future again and again, until they either joined him or died fighting.”

End of Days (SF Short Story)

Unfortunately, scientists are not the only ones who like to play God. They are just more tragic and contemptible in their efforts at doing so because they should know better. They [...]