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Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1)

  With the car engine off, I heard a rhythmic sound, too widely spaced for hammering and not the right tone. Wood-chopping.   The side of the house was as spare as the front. But the back was something totally different. This—I thought with a glance that took in double glass doors to a wood-slatted patio, picnic table, grill and a sort of log jungle gym—is where somebody lived. My […]

An Amorous Dance

Unable to stay still, Hannah maneuvered her way around the surrounding obstacles so that she could pace. She’d been trying to convince herself that these flashes of memory didn’t mean what they appeared to, but the truth was that she’d always had her suspicions about the way her father died. The doctors she’d spoken with had confirmed her father had a heart attack, but she’d always found it hard to believe […]

A Passionate Play

“I mentioned to you that we’re in Mohegan Lake,” Nick said sometime later, “in Westchester County, New York. Does the name of the town, the county, or the state sound at all familiar to you?” “Not really.” Alicia racked her brain. “Should they?” Nick shrugged. “Only if you think they should. So, you really don’t remember anything about your life, your friends, or your career before waking up in this […]