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Charlene the Star

Thoughts from Charlene the Star: I should change the subject. Ann and Blossom are talking about racing. I’m not even sure I’ll like it. Everyone has different gifts, but I don’t know what mine is. That’s kind of scary.  I wonder how you are trained to jump. Does that mean you can win prizes for jumping up and down? I liked jumping up and down during my tantrum. I’ve heard […]

Big Red: How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase

The long-awaited Elephant Safari Ride! I have a dramatic vision of the elephant scooping me up with its trunk and deftly placing me on its back, just like in the circus. Instead I step onto the platform with the help of my mahout, or elephant driver. He tells me her name is Mumbai as I cautiously step into the basket. He situates me close to the elephant’s head, straddling her with my legs, […]

The Origin of the Vuduri

The story of how the Vuduri came to pass has been a secret up until now. We do know that Jack Henry took his stand in the Year 2660AD and Rei Bierak did not awaken until 3455AD, just about 800 years later. So what happened during the eight centuries between those two events? At the time of the Ark Lords arrival, mankind was spread thin across all continents including the […]

Big Red excerpt: Alone in the jungle!

The Jungle ride As we head back to the resort, my guide asks if I want to ride Mumbai back to home base. I assume he means for me sit behind him on the elephant’s neck. Although this isn’t on my bucket list of things to do before I die, being in the moment, I respond with a yes. I realize my guide is making no attempt to join me. […]


Fish snuck another look at his watch. It was now a few clicks the other side of two o’clock in the morning. And not only was he one tired little puppy, he was also so full he could barely move. Close to two pounds of perfectly grilled Bison Porterhouse will do that to a person. And despite the fatigue and distended tummy, Cik’ayela Wasichu and his buds were having the […]

Big Red: How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase.

May 12, Punakha/Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan Because I’m not traveling with a group, we are graciously invited in for a visit. It doesn’t matter that the farmer has been out in the fields or that his family is busy with household chores. Everything comes to a halt so that they can welcome us into their home. It’s the kind of hospitality many Westerners have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our […]