The Origin of the Vuduri


The story of how the Vuduri came to pass has been a secret up until now. We do know that Jack Henry took his stand in the Year 2660AD and Rei Bierak did not awaken until 3455AD, just about 800 years later. So what happened during the eight centuries between those two events? At the time of the Ark Lords arrival, mankind was spread thin across all continents including the US. In fact, Jack Henry lived in north Jersey and the Battle of Chicago was the beginning of the end of the Ark Lords.

So here is what happened: after the Ark Lords were defeated, the people of North America knew that because they had willingly turned their backs on technology, they were at risk from conquest by not only (past) future men but perhaps other species with superior technology.

Lacy and Jack’s son, Jamey, was the closest thing to a President the North American continent had known in 600 years. He drafted a document called Principles of Freedom which laid out the groundwork on how the people of the Earth could build themselves a technological base without the possibility of going the way of the Essessoni and the Erklirte.

Basically, each advance in technology had to be debated and the long-term implications had to be plotted out before it could go into common use. Now these people were not stupid. A hammer can be used to kill a man but it is clearly in a different class than a handgun.

Over a long time, new technologies were discovered and implemented that were deemed safe. Most of these included nothing chemical or explosive. Magnetics were highly prized.

Eventually, cities were designed by trial and error. Some were walled, some rectangular. The free citizens of North America actually had simulated wars where they would attack, in earnest, each other’s cities looking for weaknesses in the design. Some weapons were built for the sole purpose of experimentation like the walls of knives and the super-hammer to test. These came to be known as the “False Wars” because, although they were fought like real wars (people were often injured), there was no malice between the attacking parties. Ultimately the circular city was determined to be the optimal balancing growth and defensibility. Those who have read the Rome’s Revolution novels will be familiar with this design.

Further, the people of North America knew that there would only be strength in numbers so over 100 years, they all moved to the East Coast and built the greatest fleet of ships every conceived. 300,000 people carried in 1500 ships set sail for Europe, essentially abandoning the continent of North America. It took them only about 4 weeks to sail across the ocean. Some boats were lost but not many. The ocean currents carried them like an invading horde.

They used crude navigation equipment, like sextants, but they sailed due west coming ashore on the Atlantic side of Portugal to the west of the former site of Lisbon.

The Europeans were not nearly as organized as the Americans and there was no fighting. The North Americans set up camp on the eastern shore and began building a circular city near the site of Lisbon. Interestingly, there were many “The Towers” and the first was barely latticework, not a building in the truest sense. But the people from America, who called themselves “The Future of Man” (eventually shortened to just The Future) were wise enough to leave enough land in the center so that as successive generations built taller and taller “The Tower” edifices, they could finish the new before tearing down the old.

The people that lived in what had been Portugal were called “slivers” by the “invading” horde and the men that came over found the sliver women super-attractive. Likewise, the Future women found the sliver men tall, dark and handsome. Intermarriage, shunned upon at first, became more common than not and a new race of people were born, half American, half Mediterranean. Their language became a blend of evolved English and Portuguese and became known as Vuduri. The word Vuduri itself is just Future in Vuduri.

A stable society was developed, a language formed, an ethnicity of intermarriage, a vitality of building for the future but using “safe” technologies created a dynamic which swelled into the city of I-cimaci first and then other cities.

Eventually, technology was so well developed and the people had such a deep and profound respect for the environment and the use of technology leading up to the events of “The Invisible Man”

It wasn’t long after the discover y of Electro-gravity and the Dark Matter Diode that the Casimir Pump was developed. This led to PPT resonance communication which led to the design of MASAL. MASAL, in turn, reengineered humans via the 24th chromosome to incorporate PPT resonance directly into their brains. Elon Musk’s problem of how to get a whole brain-machine interface was solved genetically.

MASAL had not foreseen the rise of the Overmind but when it happened, he tried to make peace. But his eventual plan to convert all humans into living robots was discovered and the Overmind rebelled. MASAL tried to turn every automated device into a weapon and The Robot War occurred. MASAL was not unhappy at all that he lost. In fact, his only goal was to eliminate as many dominant humans as possible leaving behind a disproportionate number of recessives who would eventually give birth to the Onsiras.

So that is the secret story as to how North America came to be abandoned, how I-cimaci became the capitol of Earth and how the Vuduri race was created.