Twiggles Bound – Love knows no bounds when a hero takes charge

Twiggles Bound

The Notoriously Evil Dr. Knarf

High up on the Throttlewood Forest Mountains was, Castle Vox, where everything was so evil and dark, not even the radiation from the nuclear explosion could engulf it. The evil mastermind Dr. Knarf snarled and snickered, then laughed nonchalantly.
“I have done it! Nobody can stop me now!” he declared to his mutt Groof; a Rottweiler, who seemed to have a very nasty attitude and bad behaviour, which was just the way the horrible doctor liked him.
“Thank you, oh so very much!” he exclaimed, realizing he had just created a very powerful concoction of chemicals called ‘steroid seven’.
“Yes that’s right! I am invincible,” Dr. Knarf gloated, taking a sample of the steroid seven, and injecting Groof with it. The Rottweiler ran away, feeling very sorry for himself.
“It won’t be long now. For soon, everybody will know the evil Dr. Knarf,” he sniggered, giving one of his wicked glares, while laughing with a tweak of joy at the thought of how horrid he was.
Groof didn’t understand what had just happened, but he understood enough to know that something big was about to happen, and stared in shock. He then whimpered and ran off, leaving Dr. Knarf laughing at him saying, “Soon, my Groof, soon.”


Mike couldn’t see much at all in the darkness that engulfed him, but was very curious to see what he had fallen on top of; and then it hit him like a ton of bricks – Chrystal!
“Oh, poor Chrystal,” he panicked, while desperately running his hands along the ground, to see if he could find her!
“Chryyystaaaal!” he shouted anxiously, once again nervous at what he might find. His hand suddenly felt the softness of Chrystal’s purple clothing, and a tear rolled down his cheek, as he found her unconscious.  

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